"Be yourself, everyone else is taken."
- Oscar Wilde

Sephie Rojas is a graphic designer/illustrator residing in the Philippines. She loves taking photos of anything and everything that catches her eye. Last July 2014, she graduated with honors from De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde with a degree of Bachelor of Arts - Multimedia Arts.

She is constantly active in her Instagram account, snapping photos of the things she loves, eats, reads, or the places she visits and some outfits she's wearing.

In July 2012, she decided to chronicle her sartorial choices as she grows older in a personal space that has become her blog. It then grew to being a place where she shares the other many things she loves besides fashion. Her personal style is mostly influenced by Asian and Western culture; sometimes chic, often times cute, always comfortable.

Her blog's name changed a couple of times as she grew older. It started as The Little Dreamer (taking herself literally back then), then later turned it into Strawberry Bunny (a name everyone associated her with). Now it's changed to Happiness is Free, hoping that it'd be the last name she can stick with in case she'd still be blogging after 10 years as a certified adult.

Happiness is Free was born after deciding her life mantra after graduating from university would be "Happiness is a choice, and positivity is my ammunition." as a constant reminder to herself whenever she has moments of doubt and negativity. She now wishes to share the things that make her happy in this space, no matter how shallow it may be.

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